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Who is Amir Tataloo, the famous singer of the great country of Iran?


Amir Tataloo is an Iranian pop singer and poet from Iran. He is famous for his romantic ballads that express the soul of his country. Each of his songs tells a beautiful story about the festivals and traditions of Iran. His music has brought joy to Iranians and non-Iranians alike.

Amir Tataloo is known as the ‘King of Iranian Songs’ in his native country. His singing style is based on the traditions of Iranian musical forms. He covers various genres- including pop, classical, ghazal and even jazz. His music also reflects the traditional forms of Persian dance. Fans have stated that his music is comparable to that of Frank Sinatra, without a doubt.


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Tataloo’s music brings joy to his fans around the world. Each of his albums has sold millions of copies worldwide. Some of his most popular songs include Oh My Love, Mokhtega Aftab, Milad-e-Shesh Ost, and Yari Lar Te Pevani. Each one of these songs is loved by fans for its beautiful lyrics and unique melodies. Amir Tataloat also has a successful music video channel on YouTube with over 300 videos.

Amir Tataloo has been called the Iranian Sinatra because of his wide appeal and similarity to Frank Sinatra in style and voice quality. Many have compared their international popularity to that of The Beatles among British pop acts. Both Tataloo and Sinatra are regarded as legends by fans around the world.

Amir Tataloot has gained global recognition for Iranians and people of other cultures with Iranian heritage. His music brings joy to people everywhere who enjoy romantic tales set in Iran’s tradition- soaked landscape. Even non-Iranians enjoy Amir Tataloo’s music since he captures the emotions and traditions found in his native land so beautifully.


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