The 10 most beautiful tattoo girls on Instagram

1. mademoiselle.jess_

Mademoiselle Jess, the tattoo model from Germany, describes herself as follows: “As you can see I do not belong to the standard models and a hungry skinny model I am certainly not! I love art, especially under the skin. I like to be creative and draw for my life.”

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2. starfuckedmodel

The fetish model from Sweden loves latex, high heels and tattoos. Her 200,000 subscribers love her numerous photos.

3. pretty_in_inkxx

The mother of three inspires with her tattoos – and her revealing pictures. In the meantime, the Australian has almost 75,000 subscribers.

4. missdyannewhitexx

Dyanne White is a newcomer model from Portsmouth, on Instagram she has just 2300 subscribers.

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5. angela__mazzanti

Her career started when her angry ex-boyfriend published nude photos of her. Hustler magazine became aware of the beautiful tattooed woman. In the meantime Angela Mazzanti is known all over the world.

6. talleigha

talleigha not only has an absolutely trendy hairstyle, but also a top sense for sensational pics. On her Instagram page you can find numerous great photos of the pretty woman.

7. fishball_suicide

21-year-old Felisja Piana is undisputedly one of the tattoo darlings on Instagram. Meanwhile, the Italian has more than 213,000 subscribers! No wonder, with the sexy pics!

8. samakazi

Not only beautiful, but also incredibly creative: the 26-year-old artist “samakazi” from Canberra.

9. madzilla

Madelyn Lance, aka “Madzilla” shows incredible versatility in her photos and with that comes a lot of talent. Over the years Madzilla has worked on many projects with different companies, artists and photographers, each project different from the last. Madzilla is not only a model but also a DJane, rapper and sometimes MC.

10. millzmarl3y

Millz Marley is not only a tattoo model, but also a tattoo artist. Her studio “Eminence Ink” is located in Willimatic, Connecticut. Her tagline, “I may not be the Best, but I’m definitely not like the Rest…”

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