Tattoos: The good, the bad and the bumpy

Tattoos are body art created by inserting thin needles into the skin multiple times. Tattoos are popular in the western world, with hundreds of variations and designs. For example, a rose tattoo resembles a woman’s love for her husband. Some people have tattoos covering their entire body; others have them on select parts of their body. In ancient Egypt, tattoos were used as identification for soldiers and police officers. Soldiers used them to cover damaged areas of their bodies and to cover areas that hadn’t healed from injuries. By covering damaged areas, they could fight more effectively. Tattoos have become very popular in the past few decades as technology has made them easier to access and as people have become more aware of the concept of personal expression through body modification.

A tattoo is a permanent design applied by a person’s self. A person usually chooses the design himself- whether it be a symbol, letter or image from nature. Getting a tattoo is usually costly and painful. In some cases, people will get multiple tattoos done at once to save money. People also tattoo themselves faster these days thanks to technology, so it takes less time and is safer than ever before. There are many different types of tattoos; these include solid, semimolecular and non-surgical tattoos. Solid tattoos are applied with needles and require surgery to be done. A semimolecular tattoo consists of smaller molecules that remain after the primary one fades away; this type of tattoo requires surgery but need less time and is less painful than solid tattoos. Finally, non-surgical tattoos do not require surgery but are applied with other methods besides needles; these are less common but still possible.

Getting a tattoo is an innovative form of self-expression. However, getting a tattoo is usually costly and painful- so only do it if you’re willing to commit to the commitment! There are many different types of tattoos, so choose what works best for you

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