Tattoo as Art, the Drivers Behind the Fascination and the Decision to Become Tattooed

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Popular belief holds that tattoos are derived from body piercing or tattooing. However, tattooing is a process of decorating the skin with ink. Tattooing has gained popularity in the latter half of the 20th century as a form of self-expression. A person may undergo tattooing for numerous reasons, such as to commemorate an important event in his life or to express his innermost feelings. Having a tattoo may define a person’s sense of style and heritage. A person’s tattoo may also reveal something he feels strongly about- be it love, danger or religion.

A person’s tattoo may represent his personal philosophy or a particular cause. For example, someone with a cross tattoo on his shoulder might have done so to express his Christian beliefs. Another person may have chosen to get a tattoo of the Greek goddess Aphrodite to express his love for sex. A soldier who fought in World hand-to-hand combat might consider getting a tattoo of lethal knives to symbolize his fighting skills. On the other hand, a child who gets tattoos may have imitated his rebellious older brother and chosen a particular design to represent his anti-social tendencies.

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The material used to create a person’s tattoo may reflect his budget or sense of style. The most common material for creating a tattoo is solid iron- which is also strong and lasts long. Another material used for creating tattoos is gold, which is expensive but attractive. Furthermore, some metals can be purchased at welding shops which are used for creating tattoos. The shop owner heats up the metal and then presses it against the skin to create a tattoo. Alternatively, someone on a tight budget may choose to get a temporary tattoo since they can be removed easily and will not cost him much money. However, this choice also exposes him to greater risk since tattoos are more difficult to remove than other types of skin decoration.

A person may choose to get a tattoo because he finds the idea or design exciting. He may have wanted a tiger on his chest since he has an outstanding personality trait related to tigers- courage. Or, he may have wanted an owl on his forearm because he wants to achieve wisdom like that depicted by this bird in folklore. Tattooed people who have made their decision based on excitement often cite that they feel great afterward since they feel like they’ve accomplished something when they look at their tattooed bodies.

Based on these conclusions, people with tattoos often have personal philosophies or causes that they chose to symbolize through their body art. In addition, their choice of design often represents an exciting idea or concept that has inspired them. Ultimately, tattoos offer tangible insight into someone’s innermost feelings through which he can express himself and share parts of his mind with the world.

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