Tattoo as Art, the Drivers Behind the Fascination and the Decision to Become Tattooed


TATTOO- often characterized as a form of body art- is a design created on the skin by inserting needles into the skin. Tattoos are obtained by applying an ink source to a hollow needle, which then punctures and transfers the ink source to the skin. Tattooing varies in complexity and design depending on the expertise of the tattooist. For example, a basic tattoo is obtained by applying a single color to the skin with a single bar. On the other hand, a complex tattoo may require multiple colors and multiple lines along with shading and details. Because tattooing is done on the skin, it’s prone to infection, scarring, and unhealthy conditions because of poor hygiene.

The history of tattooing has its roots in ancient Greek mythology. One of the gods from Greek mythology was Horagalles, who had a prominent belly button. To hide his belly button from view, he had his soldiers stab it with swords. The resulting wound would then become his tattooed design. Since this ancient art form originated in Greece, ancient Greek sculptures popularly display tattoos on their wearers. An example is Tom Selleck, who plays Magnum PI in the Magnum P.I series and has many tattoos on his body. In addition, Greek mythology also inspired films such as300 with its portrayal of ancient greek warriors adorned in tattoos.

Today’s society values tattoos as a statement of individuality and rebellion. Many people choose to have tattoos as a way of expressing their personality traits and values to others. For instance, many young adults choose to get tattoos as a form of self-expression. They may want a specific symbol or design permanently placed on their bodies to represent something personal to them. For example, some people choose an image from nature or their favorite band or movie for their tattoos. Other people will base their tattoo design on an idea or concept they believe in- whether that be religion, philosophy or patriotism. Tattoos can be acquired in many different styles, from traditional Chinese designs to modern geometric patterns. Tattoo artists are creative and constantly invent new tattoo designs that appeal to various audiences worldwide.

Although tattoos may appear sexy due to its association with rebelliousness and personality traits, tattoos are actually painful and take a long time to heal. A person must commit several hours- sometimes over a week – for each tattoo they get done by a professional tattooist. Additionally, after obtaining a tattoo, it takes several weeks for the skin to fully recover from the process before obtaining another tattoo. Despite all these negative aspects associated with getting a tattoo, there’s no denying that many people have different ideas and philosophies when deciding to get one or more tattoos done on their bodies.


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