Tattoo Artistry On Display: Top Tattoo Magazines

Or even worse: a philosoraptor?

Top tattoo magazines provide comprehensive coverage of tattoo culture and trends

Tattoo Master is a magazine just for tattoo artists, unless you are interested in tattoo artist techniques, skills and stories. That’s because Tattoo Master conducts extensive interviews with tattoo artists and regularly reports on the latest products, techniques and innovations in the tattoo market. It’s basically porn for mokers. But it’s also a little bit deeper, covering tattoo culture, giving an in-depth look at the world of tattooing, and featuring regular features like “Dig Deeper,” “Pull Ink,” and “Blow Cut.”

Skin Deep is not only the UK’s best-selling tattoo magazine, it’s also one of the few that truly captures the behind-the-scenes stories of the men and women at gunpoint. It also gives you a glimpse into the working lives of the UK’s hottest tattoo artists. So, if you’re a tattoo artist yourself, this magazine is for you. Unsurprisingly, Skin Deep focuses on tattoo culture, often popping up in cultural hotspots like London’s Soho.

Top tattoo magazines are a great source of inspiration for tattoo artists

This is a magazine truly dedicated to the art of experienced tattoo artists. It’s made by tattoo artists for tattoo artists, and if you really want useful information and inspiration, you can do much worse than this magazine. It might not be the funniest of all times, and it’s more of a trade magazine than one for the casual consumer, but for serious artists looking to get better, it’s probably the best thing to do.

Inked Magazine is for men and women who love tattoo culture, style and art. In this magazine, you’ll find tattoo content, including amazing photoshoots with top models and interviews with some of the best tattoo artists and celebrities in the world. However, the best thing about Inked is the Q&A session with ink trendsetters. It’s fun to learn more about people with these amazing tattoos instead of just looking at their tattoos.

Top tattoo magazines offer creative and innovative tattoo art

It’s an overall great review magazine and the best place to learn about various tattoo art styles from around the world. You can find some styles and techniques that will make your practice truly unique and interesting in your local tattoo community.

Whether you are a lover of art and unique tattoo designs, or want to keep up with the latest tattoo techniques and ideas, there is a tattoo magazine for you. In this article we celebrate the wonderfully diverse world of tattooing with our list of the best tattoo magazines in the UK and around the world. We’re sure you’ll agree that subscriptions are the only option.


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