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Tattoo and the Iranian Culture. What do you think about it?

Tattoo and Muslims…

What do you think about tattoos in the islamic culture?

“The way Jordanians look at tattoos has changed because it has become a fashion,” Zoubi said, although there are still many who consider tattoos sacred. Zou Bi himself has tattoos, and he said he doesn’t care what others say.

Scholars who claim that tattoos are a sin support their views by citing hadiths such as the hadith in Bukhari’s hadith narrated by Abu Juhayfah which states: “The Prophet has cursed both the tattooed and the tattooed.” These scholars do not Non-permanent tattoos such as henna are generally considered sinful; nor do they claim that people with tattoos prior to conversion to Islam must remove them. Remzi Kuscular, professor of Turkish religious studies, points out that tattooing is sinful but does not violate the Muslim wuḍūʾ. Canadian Islamic scholar Sheikh Ahmad Kutty explained that Islam prohibits tattoos to protect Muslims from HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and other diseases that can be transmitted to humans through tattoos. There is no direct mention of al-washm or tattoos in the Qur’an.


What do you think about tattoos in general?

As for the participants’ perceptions of their own and other people’s tattoos, the participants themselves were largely non-judgmental. When asked “What do you think about tattoos and people with tattoos?” Most participants (54%) were positive, 18% had mixed feelings, 13% were negative, 15% % of people are either not opinionated or apathetic. Most respondents respect the preferences of people with tattoos. “They’re cool and everything, just not for me,” said one respondent.

Among people who had a positive view of tattoos, they found tattoos attractive, while people with tattoos thought tattoos were cool, trendy, trendy, fun, spontaneous, creative, artistic, free-spirited, more open/accepting, free, Adventurous, bold, strong, courageous, unafraid of commitment and pain. As one attendee put it, “People with tattoos are the most real people you’ll ever meet.”

What are some good reasons to get a tattoo?

What makes some people get tattoos? A study currently led by psychologist Luzelle Naudé at the University of the Free State in South Africa investigates this question. More specifically, she and her collaborators sought to understand why college students choose to get tattooed or not, and what they think about the practice.

Participants’ reasons for getting a tattoo or not were roughly the same, with 47 percent saying yes and 50 percent saying no. The primary motivation for tattooers (25%) has to do with the personal meaning of the tattoo (for example, commemorating an important experience or a battle). Participants gave reasons such as “memory of my mother,” “a way of remembering my first child,” and “representing something I experienced at a certain point in my life.” Some participants (12%) also believed their tattoos were an extension or expression of their identity. As one interviewee put it, “My body is a book, and my tattoos are [sic] my story.” Some participants also expressed finding tattoos to be a fascinating art form.


What do you think?

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