Poll: Emily Sullivan, the tattooed story of a future business woman

When people hear the name Emily Sullivan, they quickly connect it to a body art. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world’s

most tattooed woman has over 80 body modifications. Former Vogue editor Lucile Barraud once called her ‘the greatest living tattooist.’ Her achievements are notable in their own right, but also illustrative of a character trait that will help her in her future endeavors.

The first thing that anyone learns about Emily is that she’s the world’s greatest tattoo artist. Her work gained her fame and has since inspired her career choice. She started out as a painter before moving onto tattoos. However, she didn’t become an expert in tattooing before starting this career. Instead, she self-studied and read books on the subject. Her early work gained her recognition in Paris where she eventually launched her now famous Tattoo Revolt movement. This movement advocates for tattoo artists to be treated fairly and to have proper training when starting a new career path. It’s encouraging to see how she overcame an initial lack of experience to become an excellent tattoo artist.

As an artist, Emily’s first famous tattoo was a tribute to her late father. He was a firefighter who died in the line of duty when she was just 13 years old. As she explained, ‘I wanted my father to live forever on my skin.’ Her first piece of art marked the start of a huge career and taught her how to run business. She started Tattoo Sullivan with her husband Tommy and now operates out of seven different studios around the world. She has even launched an app so that people can schedule appointments with her at their convenience- essentially creating the framework for a successful business.

Emily’s tattooed client list includes many prominent figures from all walks of life. Some include Donald Trump, Mick Jagger and Alan Dale from Led Zeppelin. She also works with actors and

actresses who want their first tattoos for acting gigs or for theatrical purposes. She has even worked with people from children ages 6 through 18 and their parents. Each person she works with has their own unique motivations for getting a body art modification done. She has worked with everyone from model soldiers to astronauts and even astronauts’ Model-1s (spouse).

Based on Emily’s body of work so far, it’s easy to see how she’ll make just as good an entrepreneur as an artist. As the world’s greatest tattooist, she knows how to Train Hard–and she knows how to Run a Business too! As one of society’s most eccentric visionaries, Emily Sullivan has plenty more stories yet to be written- but you can count on one thing: they’ll be interesting!

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