Jingxi gu’s poetry in chinese painting style tattoos is one of the most beautiful things you will ever see

As a representative of oriental culture, Jingxi interweaves the poetic and geometric figures of traditional Chinese painting into her tattoos. This style helps to embody the client’s thoughts on the skin and tell their story and destiny through the tattoo.

Tall designs incorporate line and shading into ultra-detailed compositions. Some of her hyper-realistic designs are re-creations of family photos, influential movie stills, or were inspired by legendary Chinese photographer Ren Hang. They also create tattoos based on symbols and characters from folk religion and mythology, such as Komainu (the guardian poodle) and Nezha (a powerful deity with many stories of adventure). In the near future, they plan to have their new Flash creation tattooed on just two different bodies. There’s something mysterious about the method, and Kismet says, “Maybe you’ll meet someday,” they mused.

Jingxi gu’s unique poetry and paintings are a must-see for any art lover

In Yunnan, she learned that Yang wrote poetry and translated novels. She found a short poem in an old anthology, copied it in a notebook, and memorized it. After returning to Shanghai, the collection of Yang poetry edited by Yin appeared in the bookstore. At this time, Pei Qin is no longer that young and sentimental girl; nevertheless, she still appreciates these poems. It broke her heart to learn that his career as a poet had been cut short before the Cultural Revolution. In this collection of poems, she also read some poems he wrote shortly before his death.

Inspector Yu is right. The manuscript consists of a selection of classic Chinese love poems, including poets such as Li Bai, Du Fu, Li Shangyin, Liu Yong, Su Shi, and Li Yu, with an emphasis on poetry from the Tang and Song dynasties. Chen flipped through the first few pages, and the translation seemed to flow smoothly.


Jingxi gu’s painting style tattoos are a perfect way to show your support for your favorite artist

Patch Tattoo Therapy artist Jingxi Gu graduated with a B.A. from the Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, a top university in Asia. Jingxi has extensive experience in multiple art fields including sculpture, painting, drawing and conceptual art. An active humanitarian, she spent a year in Wales using art therapy to help people with disabilities, and in Ghana helping disadvantaged people build their local communities. After 3 years working in corporate design with one of the leading symbol designers in the field, Jingxi has been a full-time tattoo artist since 2015. In 2021, Jingxi brings her talents to sunny Los Angeles, looking forward to designing and creating the best tattoos for her clients. You can view her portfolio on Instagram.

Yue regards tattoos as unchanging body art and treats every order, every customer wholeheartedly. Yue’s catchphrase is: “Use my works to let every inch of your tattooed skin find the value of beauty, every time I pay my heart and soul!”

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