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Tattoos are gaining widespread popularity nowadays. However, some countries are less than thrilled with this new fad. The Danish government has strict laws about tattoos, making it difficult for Danes to visit other countries without fear of reprisal. In this essay, I will discuss why the Danish government’s stance on tattoos is misguided and increase awareness about the negative connotations that the body art may have.

According to the law of Denmark, anyone under 18 years of age must get parental consent before getting a tattoo. This parental consent requirement is in place because the Danish government believes that the body art represents a willingness to commit crimes. As a result, they have strict laws against tattooing their citizens without their consent. Anyone found guilty of violating these laws could face up to six months in prison or a $6,200 fine. In some situations, authorities could even charge citizens with assault if they physically harmed someone while seeking their consent. This shows how much the government frowns upon tattoos and believes they’re associated with criminality.

The government believes that tattoos are associated with criminal behavior because that’s what they’ve been told for decades by society and their neighbors. They’ve also seen various media portray tattoos as something associated with criminality- especially when celebrities get them. Because of this, the Danish government is doing everything within its power to enforce strict laws against having tattoos on their citizens’ skin. This includes punishing authorities who violate the tattoo laws and punishing regular people who break these laws. Apparently, having tattoos makes you a willing participant in your own criminality- so watch out!

This seems like an excuse to justify blatant racism against travellers displaying tattoos similar to those of their own country’s criminal element abroad. Tattooed Danes who travel to other countries are publicly shamed as if they’re doing something wrong just because they display something similar to what their nation’s criminal element does abroad. This shows how intolerant our society is when it comes to accepting other cultures’ differences when it comes to tattoos- particularly those from other white European nations such as Denmark’s neighbors, Germany and Austria.

The Danish government should stop attempting to suppress its citizens’ tendencies toward body art that can be associated with criminality. They should instead accept these artistic expressions as part of the culture and promote positive images of the body art instead of shying away from them.

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