Opening a Tattoo Shop: Everything You Need To Know

Research your competition

For each of these competitors, provide an overview of their business and document their strengths and weaknesses. Unless you’ve even worked at a competitor’s company, it’s impossible to know everything about them. But you should be able to find out important information about them, such as:

Keep in mind that what you can charge also depends on your region. Some parts of the US may charge more than others, so make sure you understand what your area is competitive about – this can usually be done with a little market research.

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Prepare for the opening of your tattoo shop

Before opening your tattoo parlor, make sure you have all the necessary equipment, materials and consumables to run it efficiently and properly. Supplies and equipment needed for a tattoo typically include tools to sterilize equipment, latex or plastic gloves, plastic spray bottles, ink wipes, needles, ink, and a tattoo machine.

You want artists lining up to work before your tattoo parlor opens. Otherwise, you’re starting a business with no one to bring in customers (or money). This makes starting a business riskier. Because even if you do a good job of marketing and have a ton of clients…there aren’t enough professionally trained tattoo artists to do all the work and the money you can make will be limited by the number of hours you can work limits.

Design and layout your tattoo shop

Complete your store by creating the interior ambiance of your tattoo parlor. The artwork, colors and furniture you choose for your lobby area will set the tone for your business. Make smart choices. How do you want people to feel when they walk in the door? Set the right tone for the first impression.

Having all of your tattoo parlor’s artists create a detailed portfolio is a great way to show off what your business can offer potential clients. By showcasing an artist’s work, you can create a sense of prestige associated with your business while allowing clients to choose the artist’s style that best suits their needs. When it comes to important life decisions and purchasing art, clients want to be guided by their personal vision.

Market your tattoo shop

Deciding to locate your new tattoo parlor next to a busy sidewalk or street is one way to ensure potential clients know about your business. But you can apply yourself in many other ways. By making sure people know about your business and your special offers or expertise, you can increase your customer base and dramatically increase your profit margins.

Even better, launch your website and feature some of your cool designs in a gallery. Other affordable ways to promote your tattoo business include listing your business in tattoo directories or asking your clients to advertise your business. Get creative in your marketing efforts; don’t settle for standard approaches.


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