Lucrezia Boffi, my ink tells my story

Nobody does bullshit better than us. Right?

Lucrezia boffi’s work is full of delicate ink drawings and handwritten texts that explore the personal and the political

You’re really running out of skin space. Do you have big projects in the pipeline or will your next tattoo be chosen at random? The only big project I have planned is finishing my back. I can say my tattoo journey has come to an end as I have no plans to tattoo my legs other than the ones I already have.

Am I correct in assuming that some of your chosen tattoos have Egyptian components behind them? My tattoos are my story, the good and the bad, the painful and the happy moments of my life. When choosing a subject, it always comes down to what I find aesthetically pleasing, what it means, and what I think fits my body. I have two Egyptian patterns on my skin, but I also have patterns from Japanese art, floral patterns, decorative patterns, some vintage patterns, and some traditional patterns.

Lucrezia boffi has been writing with ink since the age of nine, when she started a diary in secret

Simone Sacco was born in 1975, the year that saw cinematic masterpieces like Dog Days Afternoon and Rolling Balls. He currently writes about tattoo art, music, sports, books, and more. Italian journalist Rino Tommasi is his guiding star, and Stephen King is his all-time favorite novelist. He believed that his dream would one day come true by interviewing Sylvester Stallone.

When exactly did you start getting tattoos? My relationship with tattoos has been more about overcoming my insecurities than just a “love of ink”. Of course, it goes without saying that I absolutely love tattoo art, but for me it was (and sometimes still is) a way of self-help to deal with difficult times in my life. Most of my tattoos have been done in the last three years since I started suffering from depression, and the “pain” of tattooing is a way to distract me from the pain I’m feeling inside.

Personally I have never felt like I belonged to any specific category and I’ve transferred the same thing to the ink on my body.

Lucrezia boffi is an artist whose delicate ink drawings and handwritten texts explore the personal and the political

Have you read Valentina Dallari’s books, including her latest, Uroboro, which came out last January? Do you know yourself? I read Valentina’s first book “Non Mi Sono Mai Piaciuta” (“I Never Liked Myself”) and I somehow saw myself in her, but unfortunately I only Meet her on Instagram.

It’s either on the internet or I think of something that looks cool and I get a tattoo artist to make it for me! I definitely can’t draw, so I totally believe in the artist’s work, and I’ve never been disappointed with anything, so trust your artists!

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