Kellsey, the tattoo girl who loves tattoos and nice outfits

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Kellsey is a tattoo artist who is passionate about tattoos and fashion

Kelly started tattooing in 2010 and was drawn to the detailed pieces in bold colours. Since then, her style has shifted to large-scale patterns, taking inspiration from mandalas, henna and sacred geometry to create her own. Along with her specialty, she loves tattooing anyone and everyone and is known for her sparkling personality and ability to take any idea and customize it for her clients.

With over 20 years of experience, Megan has established herself as one of the top tattoo artists in the United States. Meghan worked diligently at the convention and appeared in numerous magazines around the world. Megan continues to impress her fans with her exceptional attention to detail.

I think their style of mesh and embroidery really work well with my body and tattoos, plus I love seeing my tattoos still showing under the mesh.

Kellsey is a tattoo artist who is passionate about tattoos and social media

Forget the stigma around men’s knuckle tattoos and their association with criminals. Thanks to celebrities, they are shaking up the tattoo world right now. They can even look classy, ​​like David Beckham’s simple 99 tattoo, signifying the year he and Victoria got married. The downside is that they require regular grooming and are difficult to hide.

At Just Tattoo today, Geordie Shore stars Holly and Kyle came to the studio to get tattoos for each other, but it would ruin their relationship. Also, pals Sean and Dan, who came to the studio, decide to prank each other with haunting memories of past girlfriends.

Kellsey is a tattoo artist who is passionate about tattoos and making a difference

Under the tutelage of Devilz Tattooz artist Lokesh, Shyamli honed her tattooing skills and has been tattooing for over five years now. This career change taught her true focus and precision when drawing. “It’s so comforting to know that someone likes to have your art permanently worn on their skin,” she said.

She specializes in dot work and watercolor tattoos, but also loves tattooing any cartoon/anime theme! Becca strives to make all of her clients feel comfortable and safe in her tattoo studio and also hosts charity tattoo events that raise funds for important causes such as women’s safety/rights and LGBTQ+ in our local community.


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