Illegal Ink – Countries Where Showing Your Tattoos Could Get You Kicked Out!

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Tattoos are popular among people of all ages. People have tattoos to express themselves and enhance their appearance. Tattoos are most commonly seen on the body, but they can also be applied to the face or hair. However, tattoos aren’t for everyone. In some countries, getting a tattoo is against the law. That’s because tattoos can be harmful if done incorrectly. Plus, getting a tattoo overseas requires careful planning and research. Because of that, getting a tattoo overseas is a proud and brave act.

In some countries, getting a tattoo is against the law. Most countries prohibit people under 18 from getting tattoos. Some countries even include children under this age group in their tattoo prohibition laws. Despite the risk, there are still plenty of people who get illegal tattoos done abroad. However, these tattoos can cause permanent disfigurement if done incorrectly. There are several dangerous practices employed in giving an illegal tattoo abroad- including injecting needles with ink, boiling ink into water and firing lasers into their skin. Of course, these risks are taken when getting an illegal tattoo abroad. If someone is willing to gamble with their health, they might as well do it safely at home.

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It’s risky to get a tattoo overseas since healthcare is expensive and difficult to obtain. Even when people know their rights, they’re willing to take risks when away from home. For example, American singer Katy Perry got an illegal tattoo while on vacation in Brazil. She got the ‘Heartagram’ on her chest since that’s a common location for tattoos among singers and celebrities. The tattoo was done by a Brazilian artist with her eyes closed since he wasn’t licensed to perform in the states either. The artist used dirty needles and improper ink which resulted in a rash for Katy Perry during her recovery process. Unfortunately, she learned this after her trip- and she still chose to get her tattoo abroad without thinking about it first.

Being away from home makes it hard to find good tattoo artists you can trust. It’s difficult to find good tattoo artists when you’re physically close to good artists everywhere you go. This is because good artists tend to base their work off of other good artists they personally know or follow online galleries of work done by other artists they respect as well. By living far from other talented tattoo artists, it’s much easier for people to get bad work done by untrustworthy artists abroad. Even if you do find good artists outside of your home country, it’s often difficult for them to get work done outside of their home country anyway. For example, many Japanese tattoo artists only work within Japan due to the high cost of travel abroad and low wages earned working outside of Japan.

Getting a tattoo is a brave act when you’re away from home- but it’s essential if you want safe results! Taking proper precautions can help you get a great new addition to your body without worrying about health repercussions or finding overseas skilled artists. If you’re willing to do some planning and research before leaving home, you can have the greatest new addition to your body without any risks!

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