How do you tell a story like the evolution of tattooing in Canada?

Tattooing has become a popular form of body art in Canada and around the world. Historically, tattooing has a controversial past in Canada. Initially, tattoos were viewed as barbaric and immoral by the Canadian government and general public. However, technological advancements in the late 1800s changed the perception of tattoos in Canada. At that time, a new tattooing technique was developed that was much less painful than the original method. This led to an increase in popularity of tattooing in Canada.

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In 1883, the federal government passed the first Tattoo Act in Canadian history. This act prohibited people under the age of 21 from getting tattoos. Furthermore, people who lived in rural areas were not allowed to have tattoos either. Sadly, these laws were not particularly effective since many tattoo artists traveled from other parts of Canada to perform their deeds. Despite this, early tattoo enthusiasts viewed tattooing as immoral and barbaric. They believed that tattooing was primarily done by sailors, criminals and Wall Street brokers. As a result, the government was not exactly friendly towards the practice at first.

Over time, however, tattoos gained popularity in Canada. Technological advancements in the late 1800s led to less pain for those getting tattoos. This was because electric tattoo machines were invented at this time. Tattooists would also use a new ink formula that did not require so much exposure to light for it to become legible. People became fascinated with tattoos at this time due to the rising popularity of cinema- which led to an increase in demand for tattoo artists. In response, many schools began teaching how to become a successful tattoo artist in this era. By observing professionals at work, many young men learned how to ink people from across Canada. This led to an increase in popularity of tattooing throughout Canada during this time period.

Today, Canada is home to many different styles of tattooing- including Polynesian, Japanese, Chinese and Indian styles among others. The country is also home to famous artists like Mickey Lomond who pioneered the solar style of tattooing in Canada. Mickey is famous for his work on George Hamilton’s body when he worked as a set designer for The Blue Movie back in 1959. Hamilton got his first tattoo at age 19 when he went to Calgary to watch Mickey perform his iconic art form. Nine years later, Hamilton would ink Hamilton’s own body when he became famous himself as James Bond 007!

While tattoos have a controversial history in Canada, they are now widely viewed as a positive expression of oneself. The most popular style is Japanese designs- which are readily available throughout the country via galleries or conventions. Tattoos remain an iconographic symbol of Canadian identity- and nowhere else does this symbolism shine brighter than when Canadians get tattoos on their bodies!





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