How come there are so many tattoo stores in Thailand?

I want my face back, right NOW!

Tattoo shops in thailand cater to tourists, who are largely responsible for the industry’s continued growth

Almost all tattoo parlors will display “Bamboo or Machine” as an option on their front windows, knowing that visitors have heard the term “Bamboo Tattoo.” In fact, only tourists would ask for the small bamboo needles, as bamboo needles are generally considered outdated and painful.

Tattoos are closely related to travel: tattooing itself is a “travel culture” (Cliifford 1997)

Tattoo shops in thailand also benefit from a high demand for traditional tattoos, which are in high demand abroad

This is another very famous tattoo parlor in Bangkok where you can find some of the best rated resident tattoo artists. This salon is known for its modern design and techniques. You can get any kind of super realistic tattoo here. From neotraditional tattoos to nerdy tattoos, to black and gray tattoos with intricate lines, and even watercolor tattoos.

Another attraction of Thai tattoos is their lower prices. Tattoo prices in Thailand are usually much lower than in other places like Australia or Europe. This is very attractive to people, especially if they want to pay for travel and accommodation at the same time.

Thailand is a country with many tattoo shops because the vast majority of the population has some form of body art

When it comes to tattooing, Thailand has a vibrant history and culture surrounding this art form. Many people flock to Thailand every year to enjoy the artwork and tattoo designs this country has to offer. In recent years, some fine artists have also emerged in the local culture.

Overall, Thailand is a great place to get a tattoo if you want to stand out from the crowd. Whether you live locally or are traveling, it’s one of the best places in the world to find beautiful, striking body art. Thailand has an incredibly vibrant history and culture when it comes to body modification, and it’s well worth a visit for any devoted ink fanatic.


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