Flowers and plants in Japanese tradition Tattoos. We explain the meanings for you

The designs often have religious or symbolic meaning

Dragons are also one of the most common designs used in conjunction with flowers. When the two figures, the dragon and the flower, stand together, they represent both strength and vulnerability. That’s the balance we’re talking about, but it also shows how the seemingly opposing meanings of certain symbols can create a great story.

This involves a minimalist approach with a defined structure, often based on uneven triangles. Like other arts, ikebana is highly expressive and the finished arrangement should reveal the emotions and/or feelings in its creation – this is where the symbolism of each flower comes into play.

Flowers and plants in japanese tradition tattoos have many meanings

Japanese flower tattoos have many meanings and are very important and valuable designs in the traditional Japanese art of tattooing. For your convenience, we have included information on Japanese flower tattoos in the Flower tattoos section.

Flowers are another very popular motif for Japanese tattoos. Lotus means understanding, knowledge and enlightenment. Delicate cherry blossoms symbolize death. Chrysanthemums represent perfection and longevity. Roses are associated with new beginnings and balance, but when presented with stems, they are read in reverse – as symbols of recklessness and loss. The peony symbolizes elegance, the orchid represents strength and power, and the hibiscus represents tenderness.

The tattoos can denote various aspects of the wearer’s life

The same images are re-proposed by tattoo artists according to their interpretations, following traditional styles and associated imagery as well as those associated with European and more modern revivals. Sometimes they are in the background, others as decoration or as the main subject, depending on the meaning that a person wants to carry with him forever by wearing such a tattoo.

Sleeve tattoos are a popular choice for many, especially those who like tattoos and want to show off being edgy and adventurous. What is so special about these tattoos is that we can easily think of them as a collaboration between the tattoo artist and his client.


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