Five Vancouver-based tattoo artists you need to know about

Tattoo art is one of many popular artistic mediums. Tattoo artists create tattoos from oil-based ink and use needles to cut into the client’s skin. There are many different types of tattoos based on the artist’s creativity and skill. Tattoo artists can be found all over the world, and there are even competitions for creating realistic tattoos. Many people get tattoos as body art or to express themselves through various themes. There are many famous tattoo artists, including those based in Vancouver.

Derek Meredith is a well-known tattoo artist based in Vancouver. His tattoos feature realistic depictions of wildlife and nature scenes. He works in black ink with strong shadows and bright lights. Most of his tattoos are done on the torso region, which is the most popular area for getting tattooed. Meredith has won several awards for his work and has taught other tattoo artists how to create realistic tattoos. He is also the host of a reality show called Must See! Tattoo Art that showcases his work and others’.

Hsin-Lung Chen is a well-known black ink tattoo artist and designer based in Vancouver. His clients include celebrities such as Katy Laudon and DC Fontana, as well as members of the military and police departments. His tattoos are bold and intricately detailed with strong line thicknesses, excellent shading, and spot on placement. Hsin-Lung has received numerous accolades for his work as a tattoo designer, including being named Designated Member of the International Academy of Tattoo Arts & Sciences (IATAS).

Matt Molloy is a renowned traditional tattoo artist based in Vancouver. He works with clients to create custom tattoos based on their ideas and concepts. He uses traditional techniques such as hand-poking, patting, throwing, and sweeping to create his tattoos. Many famous people have gotten molloy’s tattoos, including Daniel Day Lewis, Johnny Depp, Jeff Bridges and Marilyn Monroe. Molloy is also known for his large tattoo work; he has done several large pieces on people’s bodies.

There are many great tattoo artists based in Vancouver who create beautiful tattoos. Meredith’s realistic wildlife designs are his most famous work but are not his only talent. Chen is also a renowned black ink artist with celebrity clients. Molloy also does great traditional designs that anyone can have on their body! Anyone wanting to get a unique tattoo should check out these five local artists!

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