Do i date a girly with tattoos or without? What you think?

What’s that? You’re having a baby?

Tattoos can be a turn off for some people

If you’ve traveled outside of a major city and received negative attention for getting a tattoo, it could be due to old ways of thinking and attitudes. It still exists among older generations and more traditional communities. So if you have a bare tattoo, cover it up.

Lesson number one in dating someone with tattoos: tattoos are not something people do to get attention. Perhaps a very small number of men get tattoos to look good, but in the vast majority of cases, tattoos are meaningful and profound. They represent something to the person who gets them.

The appeal of tattoos for some people

Today, people choose tattoos for artistic, cosmetic, emotional/monumental, religious, spiritual, family reasons, and to symbolize their affiliation or identification with certain groups, including criminal gangs (see Criminal Tattoos) or a specific ethnic or Law-abiding subculture. Tattoos can show how a person feels about relatives (usually parents or children) or unrelated people.

Tattoos can be decorative (have no specific meaning), symbolic (have a specific meaning to the wearer), or pictorial (represent a specific person or thing). Many tattoos serve as rites of passage, signs of status and rank, symbols of religious and spiritual beliefs, decoration of bravery, symbols of fertility, vows of love, talismans and talismans, protection and as punishment, for example as symbols of vagabonds, slaves and criminals. Extensive decorative tattoos are also part of the work of performing artists such as the tattooed lady.

The potential for communication and connection with people who have tattoos

In Beverly Yuen Thompson’s Covered in Ink, she interviewed a large number of tattooed women in Washington, Miami, Orlando, Houston, Long Beach, and Seattle between 2007 and 2010, using participant observation and in-depth interviews with 70 women. Younger generations are usually not bothered by heavily tattooed women, while older generations, including the parents of the participants, tend to look down on them and some even disown their children because of their tattoos. Often, the family’s reaction is an overall indicator of their relationship. Family members who do not accept tattoos often want to have them rubbed off, have holy water poured over them, or have them removed surgically. Families who accept their family members emotionally are able to maintain a strong bond after getting a tattoo.

Girls with tattoos are usually more relaxed and friendly than girls without tattoos. People with tattoos are more likely to talk to strangers — strangers often ask about their tattoos. Usually, when guys see beautiful tattooed girls, they don’t think much of it and immediately approach them. The same doesn’t happen when you see girls with the classic beauty stereotype.

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