Calling All Ink Alchemists: Tattoo Artists Wanted for Interviews!

Deanna James, co-owner and resident artist of Eden Body Art Studios, tattoos a client. Eden Body Art Studios is located in North Dallas. Deanna James, owner and resident artist of Eden Body Art Studios, tattoos a client. Eden Body Art Studios is located in north Dallas. Credit: Jacob Wells / KERA News

Are you a tattoo artist who pours your heart and soul into every design? Do you wield your needles with artistry and precision, transforming blank skin into permanent masterpieces? If so, we want to hear from you!

We’re on the hunt for passionate and talented tattoo artists to participate in interviews about their experiences,perspectives, and unique contributions to the world of body art. Whether you specialize in bold blackwork, delicate linework, vibrant color realism, or anything in between, your voice matters.

Why Share Your Story?

By participating in our interview series, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Showcase your talent and expertise: Share your creative process, technical skills, and artistic vision with a wider audience.
  • Inspire aspiring artists: Offer valuable insights and advice to those who dream of entering the tattoo industry.
  • Shape the conversation: Contribute to discussions about the evolving landscape of tattoos, trends, and challenges faced by artists.
  • Gain exposure: Increase your visibility and potentially reach new clients who resonate with your style and approach.

What We’re Looking For:

We’re open to hearing from diverse tattoo artists with:

  • Unique artistic styles and specialties: We want to capture the breadth and depth of the tattoo world.
  • Experience and knowledge: Share your journey in the industry, the lessons you’ve learned, and the challenges you’ve overcome.
  • Engaging personalities and perspectives: We’re seeking artists who can articulate their thoughts and experiences in a captivating way.
  • A passion for their craft: Let your enthusiasm for tattooing shine through!

How to Get Involved:

If you’re interested in participating, please contact us by email: or book here. Briefly tell us about yourself, your tattooing experience, and what you’d like to share in the interview.

We can’t wait to hear from you and delve into the vibrant world of tattoo artistry through your stories!

Additional Tips:

  • Feel free to include links to your online portfolio or social media pages in your contact message.
  • Let us know your preferred interview format (e.g., written, audio, video).
  • Be upfront about any specific topics you’d like to address or avoid during the interview.

Don’t miss this chance to share your passion and contribute to the world of tattoo art! We look forward to connecting with you!


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