Become a tattoo model? What are the important steps and which agencies should you work with?

Tattoos have become an integral part of the human body, culture and identity over the past several hundred years. People have taken to getting tattoos worldwide as a form of self-expression or to express their beliefs. There are many tattoo models who travel to different places to promote new designs. They earn a living by showcasing their work to prospective clients. Becoming a tattoo model is a difficult path, but it can be lucrative if you work hard enough.

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A large number of models flock to the world of tattoos due to the popularity of tribal art and the readily available subjects. People have even started tattooing themselves for artistic purposes. Tattoo models are usually in their twenties or thirties and have at least some professional experience before taking on this career path. Most working as tattoo models are adults- only children under the age of eighteen work as tattoo subjects. There are many tattoo conventions held worldwide, which is where potential employers find new hires. Regular social media outlets such as Instagram also host competitions where you can win cash prizes for your work. It can be difficult to get jobs without promoting your work via social media channels first.

You must create a portfolio of your work before you can start booking jobs. The best way to do this is via a photoshoot with a model coach or agency. You will first discuss your ideas for tattoos with the coach or agent so he can give you feedback on your design skills. From there, you will choose a theme and design ideas and create a shooting schedule together. You should shoot at least ten photos of each side of your body so an agent can view your entire bodywork and make an informed decision about hiring you. Once your portfolio is complete, you should email it to your coach or agent so he can submit it to tattoo agencies looking for new talent. You should also post your portfolio online so interested clients can view it easily.

An agent will then contact you about booking modeling gigs and helping you build your career as a tattoo model. He will most likely ask you to send him digital samples of your work so he can evaluate your skills against other applicants. Any tattoos that required revision would require additional shoots for additional photos and videos for his portfolio review process. You will also need to provide proof that all necessary permits are in place for any tattoos you want to obtain or update on your bodywork model release form. You must also include any training required for any specific skills you will use when promoting tattoos- such as martial arts or gymnastics maneuvers. After evaluating your material, an agent will probably book only a few modeling jobs per month so he can focus his resources and attention on his most promising models.

Becoming a tattoo model is difficult, but it can be very rewarding if you persevere through the initial steps outlined above. Start building a portfolio now so an agent can evaluate it when you have enough experience under your belt to apply for jobs yourself. Also, join conventions hosted by potential employers and promote yourself via social media channels so employers can find you first!

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