Austrian tattoo model Vany, better known on Instagram as @vanyvanity, amazes tattoo fans all over the world with her beauty!




Austrian tattooed model Vany, known on Instagram as @vanyvanity, wows tattoo fans all over the world with her beauty! Decorative tattoos cover the model’s arms, knees and neck, with a monogram tattoo on her stomach. The hip, part of the back and part of the left arm are adorned with graphic work.

M2 PRESSWIRE – SEPTEMBER 3, 2019 -: Vany Vicious tells the story of how she grew from an anxious teenager to a leading tattooed model and entrepreneur (C) 1994-2019 M2

COMMUNICATIONS RDATE: 02092019 Vany Vicious is a popular Welcome tattooed models, business owners and online certified fitness and nutrition coaches. She was born and raised in Miami, Florida. At 18, her natural beauty and love of fashion inspired her to try her hand at modeling, posting her first semi-professional photos on her MySpace page. As interest in her grew, her career took off. She’s been modeling for over a decade, and her work spans fashion, lifestyle, gore, and cosplay. She is known for having striking tattoos all over her body which make her look unique. With more than half a million followers on Instagram and around 4 million on Facebook, she’s enjoying the peak of her fame. But before she became a professional model and a style icon to many, Vany was just a normal teenager. She thought it was weird and never considered modeling. As she got older, she built up her self-esteem and began to work through her anxiety issues.

Vany Vicious is now a successful entrepreneur who runs two businesses (ThrowBack Garage and Haute Floss) in addition to her modeling career. Haute Floss is a popular swimwear brand, while Throwback Garage is a vintage clothing brand. She is constantly striving to expand the influence of her brand, while modeling for several brands on the side. Startupone recently did an interview with Vany Vicious, in which she spoke candidly about her personal and professional life. At the age of 18, Vany started working as a tattoo artist and immediately fell in love with the art. Over the years, she has several tattoos that tell the story of her life.

As a full-time model, she proudly displays all of her tattoos to the world. She has modeled for fashion brands, lingerie brands, and even had a Halloween shoot. She also works as an online fitness and nutrition coach, a career she developed after suffering a painful Achilles tendon rupture. Although her injuries forced her to undergo physical therapy and bed rest for months, she never gave up on her passion. As a fitness trainer and nutritionist, she helps people live healthier lives and overcome physical injuries. “I love what I do and I will continue to do what makes me happy. I have learned to be myself no matter what others say. I want my life to be a source of encouragement to others because they Explore your own creativity and inspire the world to do the same. For more information on Vany Vicious, please visit their official website.

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Country: USA

Website: www.vanyvicious.Com


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