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A tattoo is a form of body art that is created on the skin by incising, puncturing or cauterizing it. Tattoos are practiced in many cultures and styles. However, the tradition of tattoos has become most popular among the youth in the Western countries. A person who designs or gives tattoos is called a tattooist or a tattooer. Tattoos may be temporary or permanent. Some tattoos are representative of religious beliefs or signify social status. Designing tattoos is an intricate craft that takes years to learn. Tattoos can be used to express oneself through various cultures and traditions. A tattoo artist designs the tattoos he plans to give to his clients. He can also modify an existing design to suit his client’s taste and needs.

A tattoo artist is a person who designs tattoos using modern tools and techniques. He can be a profession or avocation; a career choice requires years of training and experience to become successful at it. A tattoo artist can create a tattoo in a few hours or in a few days. He uses an electric machine to apply the pigment, a needle and ink to create fine lines on the skin. He can also use an air gun to apply color and pigment more quickly, with less pain to his clients. However, some inks are still applied by hand as a traditional technique, which takes much longer but results in a much higher quality product.

Clients choose their tattoo artists from among those available in their area. They may seek out those who have won awards for their work or those who have recommendations from friends. Tattoo artists must follow safety standards and should have government certification before they advertise their services. Each state has laws about how many tattoos an artist can have on his arms when he works for hire for clients. An advertisement by a tattoo artist should include his qualifications, services offered, estimated costs and return policies so that prospective clients will know they are hiring a qualified professional.

To become successful as a tattoo artist, one must be experienced and talented enough to gain the public’s trust and respect as well as their money. Designing an exquisite work of art that people will appreciate enough to pay you for is no easy task- it requires years of training and experience to become successful at it. A successful tattoo artist must understand his clients’ tastes, preferences, wishes and motivations when designing a tattoo for them- without understanding this crucial element in the design process, no one will pay attention to your design and no one will be able to appreciate your efforts enough to hire you for their project.

Tattoos are part of our history and culture; they help define us as individuals- from birth till death. According to surveys conducted in the United States, up to 80 percent of women want some form of body art after undergoing plastic surgery treatments like liposuction. It seems that regardless of age or social status, everyone deserves their own unique form of body art!

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