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Angel grows plants and sells art. She’s an illustrator and has been getting tattoos since she was 15. And now she is a beautiful tattoo collector who loves to immerse herself in what she does.

Aangel’s tattoo career began when she was 15

Adrienne grew up with tattoos and body modifications. She got her first tattoo at the age of 15. She started piercing right out of college and apprenticed as a tattoo not long after. She loves her clients coming up with new and exciting ideas for their body art. Being a tattoo artist in a growing industry is her life and passion.

I started getting tattoos when I was 18 at a tattoo parlor in my hometown. I was already in my art training and out of nowhere my tattoo artist invited me to work in his studio. Of course I agree. It was in this studio that I learned the basics of tattooing and started my journey.

Aangel loves to immerse herself in her work

On her love of the art form: “I tattoo for a living. It’s what I see when I wake up in the morning, and it’s what I get excited about, and it’s even what I think about before I go to sleep. Tattooing has consumed my whole life. I just Love the whole process of creating art that lasts as long as the person who wears it.”

Her work is a variety of “serious illustrations,” including line drawings, hatching, and stippling, combined with “more fun children’s drawings” and “abstract shapes”; “it’s just me,” she says, “what I like and what I think about How technology, other subjects, and cultural curiosity lead me.”

Aangel is an artist and tattoo collector

“I’ve been tattooed by several artists, and once I found her, she was the one,” Zaharie said. This has become a family affair. When his daughter was 16, he had his older daughter get a Medrano tattoo, and his wife and her mother had scheduled a mother-daughter tattoo appointment, and his wife and other daughters were trying to come up with a design.

“Most importantly, the point of this piece is that someone trusts me and loves my art so much that I can think of what I want to do and put it on them forever. When a client asks me what a dealer chooses When it comes to tattooing, I’m lucky because it gives me the opportunity to delve into a theme or style that I’m really excited about.


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