An interview with Valentina Riabova. ARTIST, SEX THERAPIST, TATTOOING

AmazingTattoo Artist, Tattoo Model and S🌶X THERAPIST

Hello would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Valentina Riabova. I’m an artist that likes working in many different mediums and many different countries. I’m most recognized in tattoo and painting  industry as well as in erotic art industry such as shibari, and sexology.

How did you get started with tattooing?

I was a teacher of French and of painting/drawing when I graduated graphic design and felt like I didn’t want to work in the office. I tried tattooing cause I would see the gap in the industry, something I thought I could bring in it. That’s how it started and developed incredibly fast for me.

Where are you from and how old are you?

Im 32 right now, I am born in Saint Petersburg in Russia.

Are you working as a Tattoo Model?

Yes, I had a few different shootings for multiple magazines including playboy but it’s never been my priority.

What do you do for a living?

I have an insane amount of energy so I love doing a lot of things: I’m selling painting, I’m tattooing, I’m teaching tattoo artists, I’m teaching shibari and I work as a therapist since a short time, selling also courses on that.

Why did you start to get tattooed?

Most of my tattoos I got in order to learn from my preferred artists. First tattoo was just a ten age experiment as I ve always liked extreme and dark hobbies:)

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What do you like about what you do?

I love changing people’s appearance I love improving their lives, I actually love teaching and sharing what I know as much as I love learning, I constantly learn, too.

Do you have a formal art background? 

Yes, I studied art in many different schools in Russia and in Italy. Drawing painting sculpting, design

What is most challenging about what you do?

Probably getting people to trust your vision and to go for a bold design 

What is most rewarding?

Feed-back of course. When my clients are happy with how they feel after my work (no matter what work exactly) I feel great. When I like my own outcomes, when I get new insights too.


How much time off do you get/take?

I love being close to the goals I’m making for myself so most of my free time is spent on hobbies that teach me something. I love learning languages I love spending time with my friends and boyfriend too.

Do you have a special dream for your life?

I would love to bring something new into sexology and into art. Something that didn’t exist. In art it’s way harder though than in science. Philosophy psychology and surgery are the areas where people are far from perfection and I d love to bring my ideas in it. It can partly be done through my visual art I believe but I’d also write books at some point soon.

As an art professional/creative, what advice could you give to others about the field?

Be honest with yourself, look more inwards. Educate yourself and interact with people, different people. Put yourself in different experiences this will develop your creativity and enreach you 

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