An interview with tattoo artist LeLe Youli from Shanghai, China

Amazing Tattoo Artist LeLe

How did you get started with tattooing? Where is your Studio?

My name is Yang Ying Studio. My first love in Xuhui District, Shanghai likes tattoos

Are you working as a Guest Artist? What do you do for a living?

Is an artist and tattoo worker

How would you describe what you do?

Creative and challenging.

When did you know you wanted to become a tattoo artist?

Eight years ago

How did you get started?

Boyfriend likes tattoos and wants to tattoo him

What does your work entail?

Create a pattern. Complete tattoo

What do you like about what you do?

Be creative and challenging.

What do you dislike?

Copy like a tool

Do you have a formal art background?

Yes, I’m an artist

What sparked your desire to take classes? What are you specializing in?

My major is tattoo artist. I like creative work

What education or skills are needed to do this?

Better foundation.

How would you describe your personal artistic style?

Simple, firm and childish

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What is most challenging about what you do?

Create something new (solid)

What is most rewarding?

Never forget the original intention and always do the most valuable

What advice would you offer someone considering this career?

Keep your love

How much time off do you get/take?

No vacation

Do you think there are challenges in being a tattoo artist that artists who create for themselves don’t face?

Meet more artistic guests

Which is your first love: tattooing or animation/illustration? What are your goals/dreams for the future?

I love them all. Not just tattoos, but creation

As an art professional/creative, what advice could you give to others about the field? Tell us your Social Accounts?

Strong love is painful refueling

Your Website? Your Location?

I don’t have a website. I’m in Shanghai



Location: Shanghai, China


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