An interview with talented tattoo artist Johana’s Lee from Colombia

AmazingTattoo Artist Johana Lee

Johana was kind enough to let us take a few photos of her during her tattooing process. She is extremely talented and passionate about what she does. If you ever find yourself in Bogotá, be sure to look her up! You can usually find her working at the tattoo shop in Chapinero central.

Tell us your Name and where is your Studio?

First I would like to tell you a little about myself, my name is Johana Terán but at work I like to be called Johana Lee. This really is because of my favorite poem that was written by Edgar Allan Poe. I am 28 years old, I am a graphic designer and tattoo artist from the city of Bogotá in Colombia.

My studio is in Bogotá, it’s called “Black shit” the other owner is my husband who is also a tattoo artist, we opened in 2020.

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How did you get started with tattooing?

Well, the truth is that I started in the world of tattooing about 10 years ago. I started working in tattoo studios, at that time I thought about tattooing but I wanted to study everything about it first, since I have always viewed tattoos with great respect. So I worked in some tattoo shops, I learned a lot, then I started my career in graphic design which I finished in 2019, I also spent two whole years just drawing and learning with people close to me to understand many things. Now at this moment I am about to turn 5 years old tattooing, it gives me joy to see how time flies and the things that I have achieved with my effort.

Are you working as a Guest Artist?

Yes, of course, I really like to travel. I have known several studios around the world such as Colombia, Mexico and Spain. Going as a guest makes you meet a lot of great people.

How would you describe what you do?

The style that I do the most is dotwork, I love it because it has really taught me to be very patient and polished in my work. But in this last year I have explored and studied other proposals of my own.

When did you know you wanted to become a tattoo artist?

This question is funny because I always knew it, I don’t really know the moment when I said: “I want to be a tattoo artist”. It was just like that, I knew that everything I wanted to do revolved around tattoos, I’ve always been passionate about it.

How did you get started?

Well, as I was counting a few questions ago, after having studied for years. One day I thought: “It’s time” so I tattooed myself (with a borrowed machine) and started saving to buy my first machine and my first power supply (my dad helped me with some money, I will always thank him for that)

What do you feel was one of your biggest struggles?

The biggest battle or competition has been against myself. It has been fighting against my own fears and insecurities that did not let me move forward, so it has been a long but satisfying process because I can see the results and this is a spoiler: I won!

What do you like about what you do?

What I like the most is because it makes me happy, free, I can always be myself and move freely.

What do you dislike?

Sometimes I don’t like when people see tattooing as something easy just to make money or they don’t see it with enough respect.

What is most rewarding?

The most gratifying thing is to see my clients happy, the tattoo is a form of expression of each person. Just as I like to feel free with what I do, I like that they are too with their tattoos.

What advice would you offer someone considering this career?

The best advice is to be consistent with what you do, study hard and travel. I think that traveling makes you open your mind

Which is your first love: tattooing or animation/illustration?

My first love is the tattoo, so already on the skin. Obviously illustration or drawing is part of this career, in fact it is a set that always go hand in hand. But from day one I fell in love with tattoos and what it takes to have them all your life.

What are your goals/dreams for the future?

Well, I actually feel like my life is very complete right now. I am married to the person that I love and together we do what we love: tattooing. We travel the world together, we have many projects that are coming true. My dream is to continue growing as a person and as a tattoo artist.



My most exact location is in central Chapinero, Bogotá, Colombia.  But I really travel a lot, I have next trips on the way.


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