An interview with an extremely talented tattoo artist Stephan Monarc from the most beautiful city in the World Hamburg, Germany

Amazing Tattoo Artist

The interview with Staphan is of course something very special. He impresses with his tattoo style

How did you get started with tattooing?

I was 19 years old, I lived in the small town of Tomsk in Russia, I was engaged in combat sports since childhood and got into a group of football hooligans after which I became interested in a tattoo and got my first tattoo on my stomach “to live is to fight” after my first one I was very attracted to it  and began to do more and more, especially in prominent places, on the neck, hand and face, as if I immediately understood that I did not want to have an ordinary life working in the office all day and probably in this way I made myself motivated for this.  in my spare time from training, I worked part-time at a construction site and earned some money and one day my tattoo artist published a post where he sold his 2 tattoo machines and they were the same cost that I had at that time, I thought that this was a sign from space,  the same numbers and it’s fate for me to buy them, although before that I was not interested in tattooing as an art form or even income, everything happened only because I believe in non-random signs that lead me all my life in the right direction if I pay attention to them,  since then I started doing this and for 10 years now I have been tattooing and became one of the recognizable tattoo artists, I have a life that I could not even imagine that I would ever have.

Where is your Studio Stephan and are you working as a Guest Artist?

Hello Guys, my name is Stephan Monarc, my studio is located in Hamburg, Germany.  Sometimes I go out as a guest artist, I make a living from tattoos and canvases that I paint.

How would you describe what you do?

To some extent, and maybe most importantly, I try to make people happier, because they get what they like from me, they like my vision, my combinations in designs, they find their own deep meanings, motivation, memory, etc.  .  Of course, it brings good emotions to them as a result, and to me too, I am happy to implement my ideas, because for me these are my small goals that I want to achieve.

How did you get started?

I started with the traditional style of tattoos because it was a time when it was very popular and I did not see another, until I came across an artist from Los Angeles, who revealed in me a wild passion to create something similar, it was really  art and I began to master the black-and-gray style of tattooing, and there is Antiquity, Sculpture, Greek mythology, and for 10 years I have been developing this style, changing it and adding my own personality.

What education or skills are needed to do this?

I have no education, I think people either have a gift from God or not, I think the most important ability is self-criticism, thanks to it you will never stop, I think that self-criticism is also a gift from God.  When a person wants, his brain will work to the fullest and as a result, he himself will find everything he needs in order to start and develop.

What advice would you offer someone considering this career?

I would advise beginners to completely immerse themselves in this business and give their all and not think about the result.

How much time off do you get/take?

I have almost no free time despite the fact that I have a daughter and a wife, I am always working, I am always producing something, on the weekends that I have I am doing designs for my future projects, canvases, other art, my family  support me and understand that this is very important for me, for which I am grateful to them.






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