A Little Photoshoot Gone Wrong And The Internet Is Exploding

It’s thinner. Really. Look closer!

What do you think of this photoshoot featuring a tattoo model?

Models with tattoos are always interesting and unique in their own way, and the drawings on their body tell their story. So when you add decorated figures, your photos gain new momentum and become more unique and varied. Transfer the creative self-expression of the model into the plot of the image to create more expressive and beautiful images. These are proudly used as profile pictures and portraits.

It would be nice to have one stylish glamorous shot after another – quick and fun. When it comes to tattoo photography, you should know that there is a right way and a wrong way to pose. In order to get a good photo with the correct pose, you want your model to pose for the tattoo, not actually display it. You want to strike a simple pose and let the ink draw the viewer.

What do you think of the photoshoot itself?

For example, if you’re used to street photography, you’re probably used to not being able to get close to your chosen subject. If you’re used to taking lifestyle photos, you’re probably in the habit of capturing as much background as possible without making the photo look overcrowded. After all, a set is a beautiful set for a reason—it completes the picture.

Danny Woodstock is known for his gritty street photography that captures people and creatures in London, Tokyo and beyond. In addition to being a stunning portrait photographer, he is also the founder of Woodstock Models, an agency that promotes unique and diverse bodies. In this interview, he talks about his photography career and what makes tattoos so fascinating.

What do you think of the tattoos on the model?

I think it’s really interesting. With tattoos becoming more popular, including in fashion and the media, it seems more natural to see models like this. Disguising products is fun and a great way to cover up when needed.

I think tattoos are beautiful. They are part of you, part of your story. You said you saw something that you thought was so beautiful or impressive or meaningful that you wanted it to stay on your body forever, I think it’s so amazing that people have the courage to put it on their skin show it on. Thank you for your insight into an underrepresented group of people in fashion.


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