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A good equation: virall ink TATTOO is made for women. And for those who are looking for inspiration for a tattoo for a special occasion.


Tattooed people are a part of our country’s culture. Tattooing is a way to express oneself; it has a history of more than 2,000 years in China, Japan and India. Tattoos are most popular among young adults and are usually temporary. However, some people get a permanent tattoo that represents their inner beauty. There are many designs and ideas you can use when designing a tattoo. For example, you can choose from a patriotic theme, a religious theme or an animal motif. There are even famous body artworks created by famous tattoo artists around the world.

Women love tattoos that represent their inner beauty and beliefs. People usually get a tattoo to show their love for someone or something. For example, women with children often get a heart or rose on their skin to show their love for their child. There are also people who get a tattoo to honor someone who died young. They want to show them how much they loved them. Many women have tattoos that represent themselves- such as a flower or an emoji. Even if you don’t have any tattoos yourself, your friends will tell you about the tattoos they have. Women love tattoos!

Permanent tattoos look amazing on women’s skin. People love seeing women with tattoos since they’re so unique compared to men’s tattoos. Women love getting a temporary tattoo for special occasions- for example, birthday parties or festivals. However, your future lover will love a tattoo that makes you think of her.

You should get your future lover’s name tattooed on your body so she can see it whenever she looks at you. This is called mal frau in German and means ‘dear wife’ in old German tradition. This is where the equation gets its name: Tattooing is traditionally used by married women to praise their husbands- so this is perfect for lovers! A good place to put the name is on your heart; this will make it easier to find when she loves you enough to look at your heart every day. Your tattoo can be any shape or size as long as it’s big enough to be seen from all angles!


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A good equation can help you decide what tattoo to get when you’re celebrating something special. People usually get tattoos to show their love for someone or something- so choosing an appropriate tattoo will help you celebrate your life! Plus, getting a permanent tattoo will look amazing on your skin! Anyone can use tattoos! The only limit is your imagination!


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