27 of the Most Interesting Tattoo Facts

Tattoos are body art that can express yourself through a unique form of art. Many people get tattoos to express themselves or to make a personal statement. People with different artistic skills create unique tattoos based on their beliefs. For example, a person with a love of tigers might choose to have a tiger patterned on his skin. Other people may have religious designs or patriotic inkwork on their skin. Tattoo artists have many different talents, and their work is as varied as the people who choose to tattoo themselves.

Tattoos last for the lifetime that the person chooses to express himself with them. Those who want to keep their tattoos can cover them with a shirt or jacket. Tattoos look stunning when the wearer decides to take off the covering and show it off. Tattoo designs can also be modified over time as the tattoo wearer grows and changes into a different person. A tattoo can then become a permanent expression of his current beliefs and attitudes toward life.

Tattoo artists use several different materials, such as steel, iron, aluminum and titanium, to create their works of art. They may also use pneumatic tools to apply the materials to the client’s skin through tiny needle punctures. After the application process is complete, the artist may then hand-paint details onto the client’s skin with liquid acrylics. Clients can also choose whether they want their tattoos covered with a layer of epoxy so that they are not scarred by the artists’ tools or handiwork.

Some tattoo designs represent universal human emotions such as love, hate, sadness or joyfulness. Other beliefs motivate clients to get tattooed: for example, some people get tattoos to commemorate an event or mark body parts that need protection from injury and infection. Religious devotees get tattoos of religious iconography such as crosses and halos. Politically minded individuals may choose patriotic designs or symbols from their country’s history or culture. Nature lovers get tattooed with animals native to their home state or country of residence.

Tattoos are unique forms of body art that can be modified over time based on the individual’s desires and beliefs. Many people choose to get tattoos based on their personal beliefs- whether they want to commemorate an event, mark a protective part of their body or express themselves through a favorite design.

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